Chesapeake Morgan Association

The Chesapeake Morgan Association was founded to share our love of sailing and gunkholing in America's best cruising waters.

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On Our Web site:
Our annual Land/Sea picnic is being held on Sunday, 15 August 2010. It's a great way to meet old friends and new ones. Details.
Please check out the 2010 events schedule and make a date to join CMA on land or at sea. Lots of fun things are planned during the year.
28 March 2009 Planning Meeting - Minutes
The Mariner newsletter is still looking for articles and pictures of things you did and have done to your boats.
2010 Elected Officers, Board of Trustees and Committee Chairpersons
Commodore: George Hughes
Vice Commodore: P/C Rita J. Snyder
Rear Commodore: Ron Conrad
Treasurer: P/C Lawrence Breck
Secretary: Michelle d'Aoust
Trustees at Large:
P/C Lawrence Breck and P/C Charles Solomon

Webmaster: Michelle d'Aoust

More about the Chesapeake Morgan Association

Read how Red Long John's started the CMA. Founded in 1992, the group consists of about 40 Morgans and 63 members. The group is very active in the Chesapeake Bay. Our purpose is to have fun, with lots of raft-ups, cruises, land/sea picnics.

How to join!

The Chesapeake Morgan Association is open to anyone who owns or is interested in Morgan yachts.

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Disclaimer: The CMA is a private voluntary social club. The CMA and this Web site are not associated with and do not represent Morgan Yachts nor any of the other businesses or individuals mentioned herein.

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